Duties to Protect Against Drainage

Did you know that when a gas or oil reserve on your property extends beyond your property boundaries and wells on neighboring parcels can begin to tap into those resources and your production and profits? If you have sold or leased mineral rights for royalties to an operator, they may be obliged under law to protect your resources from undue drainage.

In many of the Gulf States, there are implied covenants or requirements present in most oil and gas mineral rights arrangements, even if they are not expressly detailed and provisioned in the specific purchase or lease agreements. This includes the duty for operators to protect against resource drainage.

If you have proof of undue drainage of your mineral resources from neighboring properties, you may be entitled to recover lost revenues and profits due to a breach of duty by the operator to protect from drainage. With the help of an experienced legal team, the property owner must be able to present valid proof of 1) substantial drainage of your land, and 2) that a reasonably prudent and responsible operator would have acted to prevent the drainage from occurring.

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